DefaultThank you for visiting my website. This is the best place you could possibly be if you’re looking to see some of the highlights of my creativity and passion! Although I most enjoy filming and cinematography, I love being a part of all aspects of the creative process from conception, through production, and post production.

I first got into film-making serving at my church, and was almost instantly hooked! I love the freedom it gives me in helping express emotions to help tell peoples stories, or promote an event or product. It is something that I am very passionate about and push myself on every project to do my very best and enjoy everything I can about it.

I’ve been blessed with opportunities to work with some amazing people on some really fun projects. I have worked on tv commercials, filmed non-profit promotions, documentaries, and weddings. I have been able to help concept and write scripts, direct shoots, work as a DP and camera operator. I’ve been a grip, production assistant, and even a sound mixer. I have also had the chance  to work on editing some pretty great videos.

I hope you are inspired by what you’ve experienced on my site, and I would love to collaborate on a project or two with you.

God Bless,

Joshua Morris